LOYAL3 (http://www.loyal3.com/) offers public companies the world's first Social Stock Plan. This web-based technology enables companies to turn stock ownership into the world's first "behavioral" currency. Ownership changes the way people behave. We all care more about the things we own than about the things we don't. And this goes for brands.


According to Bain and Company and Opinion Research, people who are also shareholders spend 54% more per year, visit stores and web sites 68% more often and refer twice as many people as ordinary customers. And while about only 1 in 10 Americans own stock directly, just under half say they want to, if it weren't complex, intimidating and expensive.


Social Stock Plans also enable companies to use stock ownership as a powerful promotional tool, in essence creating the world's first brand positive promotion. Companies can even let their customers use loyalty points to buy stock.


Programs are structured to maximize cross-sell and up-sell, and to create powerful, cost-effective branding experiences. The enrollment and stock purchase process is as easy as buying a product over the Web, requiring just 3 clicks.


Now for the first time ever it's possible to realize the elusive dream of true customer ownership. When marketing executives make it easy for people to own them, they in fact own the customer, creating the Ultimate Like!