Linkable Networks


TIBCO Loyalty Lab

Linkable Networks' loyalty and shopper marketing platform drives consumer engagement, acquisition and retention while providing pin-point analytics on consumer shopping behaviors and patterns. Linkable Networks' patented technology enables brands and retailers to reach consumers with targeted loyalty, whole store, and SKU-level card linked offer capability in any media type, providing 100% attribution from presentation to online or offline point of sale. Loyalty providers can leverage the Linkable Network Platform™ (LNP) and manage their own card linked loyalty or shopper marketing program, and also drive consumer engagement through distribution across The Linkable Network™ (TLN)'s 10,000 online and mobile publishers. Linkable Networks bridges the gap between loyalty programs and consumers, leading the way in the transformation of the modern loyalty and shopper marketing model. To learn more, please visit us at, or on LinkedIn, Facebook and @Linkables on Twitter